Need Hits on Your New Website? Explore the Power of Content Management

While it’s great that you have a website that communicates to your customers all of your offerings and what you can do for them, you lose some of the value of the site if they can’t find you. What’s worse is if you are relying on that site to drive revenue for the business. You can’t just set it up and hope people will find you. Instead, you have to take a proactive approach to your website development and online presence through content management.

Why Your Site Can’t Be Found without Content Management

OK, this statement isn’t completely factual, customers will be able to find your website if you don’t have a content management solution in place. If they have your website address and type it in perfectly into the address bar, they will land on your site. But, what about all the other “potential” customers out there you want to reach? How will they find your website among the millions of others floating around cyberspace? You may argue that your site is very industry or product specific and that’s great, but unfortunately, that still isn’t enough to dominate on the web. If you do a search for your product in Google, how many different results do you get? Yes, it is fair to say that the majority of those hits aren’t necessarily offering the same thing, but it still causes confusion for the consumer and they are not likely to find your site. This is especially true if you land on page 20 in the Google results.

Why Content Management Gets You Found

Google – and other leading search engines – like to see consistency and they like to see fresh content posted on a regular basis. What’s more, they want to see static IP addresses and keyword rich content that actually makes sense. For instance, back in the day when people first discovered how keywords could dominate search, they would fill the background of a page with that keyword in either very light text or white text that the viewer couldn’t see, but Google and other search engines still could. Those who stuffed the most keywords into their pages dominated the search results. This was great for them, but not always great for the consumer who was looking for valuable information. Google discovered what was going on and changed its algorithms so that anyone “keyword stuffing” their pages in this way were dumped from search results. The industry has now evolved to high quality content management – that is what will earn you the best search results rankings. With a robust CMS software in place, this can be automated for you.

Content Management Forces Quality

Just like the Google example shared above, sites operating legitimately on the web want to eliminate those competitors who are simply looking for traffic to their sites to drive advertising hits. You likely want those hits so you can capture a customer. Either way, there is nothing wrong with your strategy, but you need to leverage the right tools to get those hits and drive that revenue. Invest in a proven content management solution to get the job done for you and you will be amazed at the results.