What is Your Preferred Content Management System?

You know that you need a content management system in place to help optimize your site, but have you decided what system is the best one for your environment? If you have conducted your needs analysis to determine what best fits your needs and the skill levels of your point people, you just might be ready to take the leap. If you already have, were you able to identify your preferred content management system?

Why WordPress is a Great Content Management System

Not everyone readily thinks of WordPress when they think content management system as it seems more like a simple platform that allows them to post things on the web. This basis assessment is true and one of the things that makes this open platform so attractive. For those who are operating a small business or several small websites to support their business, WordPress is an excellent content management system simply because it is easy to use, is constantly updated and draws from the expertise of a wide range of developers focused on improving its overall performance.

Maybe You Need Something More Robust in a Content Management System

For a number of companies, WordPress was a great starting point, but their content management needs have grown beyond the capabilities of this open platform and it is time to move to something a bit more robust. Joomla is one solution that has proven time and again that it has the capability to deliver a powerful content management system in the large enterprise. In its most basic form, Joomla is a content management system that allows you to build websites and powerful online applications. It is often positioned as the most powerful website software available, yet you will have to make that determination on your own. The important thing is that a number of different companies are enjoying significant benefits with Joomla, which is also open source, and it may be worth checking out.

Have You Considered Drupal for Your Content Management System?

If you’ve paid attention to the market lately, you’ve likely seen the buzz surrounding Drupal. The latest version of this content management system has just been released to a long-waiting crowd. This content management system is designed to be durable, reliable, secure and a highly extensible and sophisticated website framework. This content management system has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity, especially with a full range of free customizable themes; it has a lot to offer to the enterprise. The platform also offers more than 4,500 free modules to help augment functionality and an architecture that is designed to do anything you need it to do. Large enterprises are running substantial websites on this content management system and enjoying great success.

Don’t Necessarily Select on Name Alone When Choosing Your Content Management System

When you conduct your search to find the right content management system, you will notice that there are many well-known brands that tend to dominate the search result rankings. Don’t make your selection based on name along. Do your needs assessment and see how different content management systems are performing in the real world. Whether it’s an enterprise content management, web content management, or even an open source CMS, you are the one that has to work with the system and answer for your choice – make it a good one.