Why You Need Web Content Management at Your Fingertips

It is possible that one of the best reasons to invest in web content management is so that you can avoid learning HTML. For the millions who are not technologically minded, writing anything in code is akin to trying to complete a calculus class with only a sixth grade math class basis to work with. Web content management eliminates the code step of the process, but allows you to produce the same result.

Early Web Content Management

Before it was really referred to as web content management, companies did have access to certain templates that eliminated the HTML step of the process. One example was PBuilder that allowed anyone within the company to create a web page quickly from a template. Once created, the page could be put on the web server and launched live. The process was very rudimentary, but it was a great basis for automating some of the processes that in the past required only the skills of the IT team. This process allowed users to eliminate a number of steps to the manual process and allowed for content management to find a place of demand in the enterprise.

What Can Web Content Management Do?

Web content management can do a lot of things within the corporation to deliver value. For one thing, it can provide web access for those who actually own the content so they can manage its delivery, use and movement. Web pages can be updated much more quickly with web content management. This platform also allows for an easy-to-use interface, while it also creates accountability. Most content managers can track logins and changes to various pages within the site to be sure they know what is going on. And, web content management will uphold standardization rules to be sure your site is always on task.

Why Use Web Content Management When You Have a Strong IT Team?

This is often a common question among those users who want to try and avoid continued investments in solutions they don’t understand. While it may be true that you have a strong IT team in place, you really don’t want them managing how your website looks in terms of content, images, logos, etc. This is not to insult anyone on your talented team, but their strengths are truly in what makes that website work, not how it looks. Web content management allows your content owners and marketing professionals to leverage your presence on the web and maximize your reach. After all, you have a presence on the web for reasons that exceed merely being there. You want to attract potential customers to your site, you want to sell through your eCommerce platforms and your want to educate your customers about the added benefits you offer. Web content management streamlines all of these efforts to deliver value.

Can I Get Away with Manual Processes and Avoid Web Content Management?

You always have the choice on what you will use and how you will present your company to a buying market. You don’t have to invest in any type of web content management solution if you don’t believe it will bring your company value. A quick look at your competitors may change your mind, however, as chances are, they are leveraging this platform to maximize their web presence.