You Need Web Content Management, Should You Opt for Open Source CMS?

You’ve already determined that you need web content management and now you are wondering if an open source CMS (content management system) is the right choice for you. The truth is, you have a lot of things to consider when trying to decide the best route and don’t automatically assume that open source CMS is the best. First, take a look at your internal environment and what you and your users expect to be able to do. Then, you need to look at both open source CMS and on-premise solutions to determine where you feel you will be most comfortable, will enjoy the most value and will have the best overall experience.

Developer Community of Open Source CMS

One of the most exciting things about open source CMS is the same reality of everything else on an open platform: an entire community of users and developers contributing to making the product better. Improvements and updates are based on what users like you feel are the most important. As a result, you will find that things that irritate you in one version may be completely eliminated in another. There are significant names driving support of the open developer platform – think Google – so it’s hard to go wrong when you are thinking in terms of innovation. Solutions such as Drupal and Joomla are powerful open source CMS solutions, each with a long list of happy customers.

Flexibility of Open Source CMS

Flexibility is likely to be one of your concerns when it comes to your content management system. Open source CMS solutions provide significant flexibility, without giving up security. You can still deploy the same measures you always have where you network and website are concerned while you leverage your open source CMS program. Just keep in mind that the level of flexibility could also be a hindrance if it allows your users to go outside of your set parameters without consequence. Keep in mind that you are using the open source CMS to promote your brand and your message – be sure that brand and message are consistent across the board.

Default Configurations of Open Source CMS: A Problem?

One element about open source CMS that tends to be brought up as a problem is the fact that default configuration is blog-like. This generally is presented in this way simply because it is a default most people understand and can work with from the word go. It also provides a great starting point if you want to move in to customization. And, many of the open source CMS solutions will treat the content the same – unless you tell it otherwise – which means you won’t have many surprises along the way.

Limitations in Open Source CMS

Like any other technology implementation within the overall market, there are limitations. Some of these may not matter in your environment, while others could make the open source CMS an awkward fit. Some open source CMS platforms have great support and you can easily find help. Others are designed simply to get you up and going and unless you have a consultant at the ready or an internal IT fully skilled in open source CMS platforms, keep this as a consideration in your search.