Microsoft Favors Open Source Content Management

Microsoft appears to be warming up to open source as it has officially launched WebMatrix, a website development and deployment tool. They have also announced the first official version of Orchard, a .NET open source web content management system.

Microsoft’s WebMatrix Beta 2 was released last October and is one of the latest additions to Microsoft’s Web Platform. It will provide customers with an environment to build their own website quickly or deploy one of a number of open source Web CMS.

Although there has been no official announcement, Orchard is mentioned as one of the supported open source Web CMS with Matrix, which can be found on Orchard’s website. Orchard uses Razor view templates and is an ASP.NET MVC3 solution.

Several companies have announced their support for WebMatrix and DotNetNuke will release a module that supports the Razor view engine. This feature will enable developers to quickly develop a customer code that can be run in DNN websites and applications.

DotNetNuke isn’t the only supporter of the open source Web CMS supporting WebMatrix. Ryan Ozimak, a leader for Joomla! recently spoke at an event supporting WebMatrix. Ozimak says the product puts the power and user-friendliness of Joomla! within arm’s reach of Web developers and designers, providing a set of easily accessible tools.

WebMatrix is available in nine languages and offers all tools necessary to build and deploy a new website. You can also configure and deploy a website using one of several open source management systems, such as Joomla!, Umbraco, Drupal and WordPress.

WebMatrix will also support Microsoft’s own open source Web CMS: Orchard as well, giving you plenty of choices to launch your new website.

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