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New Site & Product Offering Is a Low Cost Alternative to Open Source or Installed Software

Los Angeles, CA (February 05, 2008) –

CrownPeak (, the company defining the future of content management, today announced that it has launched – a new web site and product offering designed to provide businesses that have small or moderately sized web sites, completely managed, easy-to-use and affordable web site management applications. is designed to be the easiest way to manage your site; period. is the easiest to buy, the easiest to implement and the easiest to use.

The purpose of is to take the sting out of what has traditionally been seen as a long, expensive and frustrating process.

* Online Marketing Managers need to quickly and inexpensively deploy and manage web sites, landing pages and micro sites. offers a completely outsourced, turnkey solution that can have a complete solution up and running within a few hours.
* Do-It-Yourself Minded Technical Managers may initially consider Open Source or installed software. is an easy and fully managed method to deploy web content management. provides all of the developer access and capabilities of an open source solution – without the headache of acquiring hardware, downloading/installing software, security risks or ongoing upgrade management.
* Interactive Agencies are looking for an easy way to deploy a web content management solution for their clients. provides an easy, yet scalable way to quickly get small, medium and divisions of large customers up and running with world-class web content management – without the agency becoming a software provider.

“What we see day in and day out from our customers are businesses of all sizes under pressure to get web sites launched quickly” said Jim Howard, CEO of CrownPeak. “They’re looking for a fast, easy and, affordable way to accomplish their online goals. closes that gap by providing a comprehensive package that provides everything from web content management, web site hosting, email campaign management and online marketing performance measurement.” is powered by the award-winning CrownPeak CMS content management system engine and has been especially designed with the features required by those managing small and mid-sized web sites. The system comes with four completely designed web site templates which can be used as they are or easily customized by modifying the CSS stylesheets. Access to the full developer’s environment is also available at any time – so that templates can be modified and new templates can be created and deployed. Additionally, the system comes with three pre-configured workflows and user roles – but additional roles and workflows can easily be created by the customer if necessary.

“We have more than 7 years of direct experience, doing hundreds of implementations for our customers.” continued Howard. “We have a wealth of experience in what clients are looking for and what features are most important. We’ve included the most important features right out of the box to enable these customers the easiest way to manage their web sites.”

Buying the solution is easy with 1) Pick your product package starting at $1,250 per month. 2) Pick your implementation package, fully managed or Do-It-Yourself and 3) Pick your support package. If you’re not sure what your needs are, the web site features a configuration tool that allows the customer to select the core elements of the solution they require – everything from a complete web site management solution, to a simple, self-implemented content management system. Additionally, the web site offers a complete and fully functional Free Trial that allows any prospective customer to try the complete solution before they buy.

Unlike Open Source or commercial products designed for smaller web sites, the CrownPeak CMS technology behind is a complete system, with workflow configuration tools, a full developer environment, a published API, and a database-driven asset and publishing logic management framework. is the best of both worlds – a simple and easy tool that can be live in a few hours, with the power and flexibility to add to the solution as needed. And it’s fully managed in the CrownPeak environments.

“Every customer’s needs are different”, continues Jim Howard. “Many of our customers want to set-up and manage the system themselves, but others like to use our on-demand services. Because we are a service, we’re in a unique position to let the customer pay only for what they need. Installed and Open Source software simply can’t do that. With any installed piece of software, you have to install, deploy and manage the complete solution – no matter what size of a site you have.
With – whether you’re a marketing department that has no IT support, or you’re a developer looking to create something very specific – you have the software, the implementation and the ongoing support that you uniquely need.” is available immediately at

About is powered by CrownPeak – the leader in web content management delivered as a hosted service. CrownPeak’s 360° Site Management gives Web site managers complete control over the critical functions involved in delivering a successful, revenue-driving Web site. is simply the easiest and most economical way to get Content Management done.

Organizations such as Hyundai Motors, Home Depot, EMI Music, the State of Virginia and the National Institutes of Health have realized the value in CrownPeak’s 24×7 customer support and guaranteed response times. CrownPeak has been named to EContent’s 100 most influential companies list, has won eWeek’s prestigious Analysts Choice Award and InfoWorld’s Product of the Year Award and has been named a finalist for Best Customer Service from the American Business “Stevie” Awards for the last two years.

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