CrownPeak Empowers Marketers To Control Content In Banner Ads & Landing Pages

New Framework Release Integrates Into Existing Web Content Management or Landing Page Management Solutions

Los Angeles (April 16, 2009) – CrownPeak, the market leader in on-demand Website management software announced today the launch of a new framework designed specifically for digital agencies and online marketers: The CrownPeak Banner Ad Content Manager. This content management framework addresses a core challenge that online marketers face – the need for a simple way to manage both the content in an online advertisement that is running outside their web site, and the landing page to which the advertisement links. This solution – when combined with CrownPeak’s Landing Page Management solutions – enable digital marketers to manage, track and change the content on both landing pages and the banner ads running on external Web sites to drive greater ROI from marketing campaigns. With CrownPeak, companies can significantly improve online campaign performance, track results and experiment with new marketing strategies and messaging – without the added expense associated with a cumbersome technology suite.

The need to manage marketing content beyond the bounds of the Web site is growing exponentially. Marketers and/or their digital agencies are employing many different online advertising strategies, deploying banner ad campaigns across multiple Web sites, search marketing strategies and even micro-sites. Running a unified set of tests can be a challenge, but making content changes to advertisements regularly during a campaign can be even more onerous. Even if the change is as simple as a new call to action or image, new banners need to be created, then sent to the web properties running the ad, or uploaded into the ad management system.

CrownPeak now offers a solution to that challenge with its Banner Ad Content Management framework. This framework allows CrownPeak clients to change any element of their Adobe Flash based display ads without having to recreate the creative or re-distribute the ads to the publication. Using the CrownPeak Banner Ad Content Management Framework, any Flash based template ad can have as many versions as the marketer wants. Additionally, an update to the banner advertisement can also change the headline or any component of the landing page to which that advertisement links. Then, using CrownPeak, conversions and metrics can be tracked to determine the optimum message.

“Optimizing at the point of conversion is the second step”, said Rob Rose vice president of marketing and strategy at CrownPeak. “In order to really optimize your campaigns – you’ve got to first maintain a consistent and relevant message from ad click through to close. As the requirement to manage more and more atomic bits of content beyond the bounds of the Web site grows, CrownPeak is providing the means by which they can easily manage, measure and monetize that content.”

Both agencies and end clients are also looking for better and more intelligent ways to manage campaigns. In a recent paper released by the IAB and Booz Allen Hamilton called “HD Marketing 2010: Sharpening the Conversation,” one of the key trends discovered was that “marketing message, distribution – timing, context and relevance is as important as creative execution.” This means the ability to effectively and easily manage that creative across different distribution channels is critical to online marketers.

“This solution comes at the right time”, says Michael Weiss, CEO of imagistic, a digital agency providing strategic marketing and web site services for clients and a CrownPeak Summit Certified Partner. “We are constantly looking at how we can maximize a media spend, and save clients on production costs. Having the ability to add this service as an option for clients, lets them manage and test a campaign from the ad all the way through to the landing page – without adding the cost of reproducing the flash every time they want to change the call to action.”

As with all CrownPeak Frameworks, the Banner Ad Content Management framework and the capability to publish the content into landing pages comes free as a capability of the CrownPeak CMS and the CrownPeak Landing Page Manager. There is typically a one-time implementation fee and coordination with the producer of the Ad Banner to design, configure and create the Ad Template. Additionally, CrownPeak can provide professional services to help clients with more advanced integration or publishing needs.

Source: CrownPeak