CrownPeak is One of the First CMS Solutions to Launch Integration With Google Website Optimizer

Single Interface Enables Seamless Content Management & Optimization Through GoogleĆ¢??s Online Testing Platform

Washington, D.C, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit (October 20, 2009) – CrownPeak, the market leader in Web content management for online marketing, today announced it is one of the first CMS solutions to integrate with the new Google Website OptimizerTM Experiment Management API, enabling marketers to manage all Web content through the CrownPeak CMS and publish marketing content seamlessly into Google Website Optimizer (GWO) for testing. This new solution frees users from the tedious and time-consuming task of cutting and pasting JavaScript snippets into testing pages, and empowers them to more easily and efficiently set up new A/B and Multivariate testing through GWO. Google, CrownPeak and other inaugural partners will jointly demo the integrated solution at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, in Washington D.C.

“Our primary goal in launching the Google Website Optimizer Experiment Management API was to make codeless testing possible. We want to empower online marketers to optimize site content to increase revenue, and we expect our new integration partners to make this process even better,” said Trevor Claiborne, Product Marketing Manager for Google Website Optimizer. “We’re excited to have CrownPeak as one of the first CMS providers to integrate with Website Optimizer.”

Customer benefits of the Google Website Optimizer/CrownPeak integration include:

Single easy-to-use interface: Single interface to manage all Web content through CrownPeak and leverage GWO to test various content elements on their Web sites. Different versions can be created and tested, with tailored metrics for unique content.

Increased conversion rates: Website testing has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to increase conversion rates. CrownPeak’s integration with Website Optimizer makes setting up and running experiments quicker and easier, which means more conversions for CrownPeak users.

One-click publishing: One-click testing and publishing, decreasing the margin of error for online marketers. No more cutting and pasting JavaScript from one interface to another; information is automatically published into GWO.

Integration with Google AnalyticsTM: Google Analytics reporting can be garnered directly through the CrownPeak CMS. Once the data is captured in CrownPeak, customers can automatically promote a static version of the “champion” page to drive optimal SEO benefit.

Historical content repository: Through the CrownPeak CMS, all content versions are stored in marketers’ account history, enabling users to revert back to previous versions or re-run tests. If a historical campaign has been more successful, users can revert back and promote these previous versions.

Workflow & preview: Marketers can ensure that all content and tests are approved prior to going live. Content can be moved through testing staging areas prior to going live on the GWO, ensuring quality and brand consistency.

“We are proud to be among the first CMS solutions to be a part of the GWO integration, bringing a new level of ease and efficiency to our customers,” said Jim Howard, CEO of CrownPeak. “As the leader in the Web space, Google knows better than anyone how to develop integrated products to create, test and improve online content. Google and CrownPeak are now able to pool our strengths to enable the best possible solution for online marketers.”

As part of the working demonstration at eMetrics, CrownPeak will highlight a live client case study using the Website Optimizer API. The demonstration will include Defenders of Wildlife ( live test to demonstrate how quickly clients can be brought into this solution, as well as the results that are possible.

“We have wanted an easy solution to test our new designs with users for some time, and we’re thrilled that that solution is here,” said Jeff Regen, vice president, Online Marketing & Communications for Defenders of Wildlife. “We jumped at the chance to be the first CrownPeak customer to test the integrated experience, and already have live tests running. We can’t wait to see the results.”

As with all CrownPeak frameworks and API integrations, the GWO integration is offered to current clients as part of the CrownPeak Content Management service with no extra licensing fees. Additionally, CrownPeak can provide professional services to help clients with more advanced integration or publishing needs.

Source: CrownPeak