CrownPeak Launches New Features Across CrownPeak CMS Suite

Web Site Management, Development and Online Marketing Made Easier

Los Angeles (April 07, 2009) – CrownPeak, the market leader in on-demand Website management software, today extended its leadership in web content management with multiple new features across its flagship CrownPeak CMS suite, designed to make client web site management easier and more efficient. The new CrownPeak CMS includes a completely new WYSIWYG authoring environment, an upgraded version of CrownPeak’s Desktop Connection for developers, enhanced Web Analytics, and the recently-launched Landing Page Manager, offered as part of the CMS suite with the latest product upgrade.

CrownPeak CMS already addresses the requirements of today’s marketing organizations, including site optimization for organic search, visitor engagement with targeted messaging and now offers the ability to capture leads with specific campaign landing pages, and site traffic conversion.

“Websites have evolved from online brochures to powerful marketing platforms that capture users with relevant content and drive them to take action,” said Jim Howard, CrownPeak’s CEO. “Marketers must ensure that every penny counts with their web initiatives, and our new CMS rollout gives them all of the tools to manage content, drive campaigns and generate revenue.”

“CrownPeak transforms the most non-technical marketers into savvy Web developers, and makes web site marketing and management easy,” said Deanna Boehm, Director of Marketing at “The product evolution of CrownPeak CMS means that we can even more efficiently run our Web initiatives, without the added costs of installed solution upgrades.”

New in CrownPeak CMS:

New Rich Text, WYSIWYG Authoring Environment. Also announced today is CrownPeak’s partnership with web authoring leaders Ephox, making CrownPeak the only SaaS CMS offering to offer the WYSIWYG authoring environment. CrownPeak has completely integrated Ephox EditLive! 6.5 into CrownPeak CMS, with additional features to make it even more seamless to CrownPeak CMS users.

New features in CrownPeak’s rich text editor include image cropping and resizing, color customization to ensure greater consistency, spelling and language tools and other functionality. Images are automatically re-sized and re-sampled to ensure appropriate file sizes. The new WYSIWYG editor provides 100% compliant XHTML and also has built in checks for Section 508 and WCAG accessibility guidelines.

“Ephox has become the gold standard for authoring in web content management through our partnerships with leading on-premises software vendors,” said Ephox CEO Andrew Roberts. “However, we recognize that web content management makes perfect sense delivered as an on-demand, hosted service and that software as a service is clearly a trend for the future. Partnering with the leader in this space is exciting to us and represents a great opportunity for both companies.”

Upgrades to CrownPeak’s Desktop Connection. With the new CrownPeak Desktop Connection, developers can choose the development tool of choice – whether it is Visual Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver or text editors like TextPad – and automatically connect to their CrownPeak CMS account over the internet. Once connected, developers can work with CrownPeak CMS templates in their familiar environments and automatically save templates back to the CMS.

Features include a complete “Code Wizard,” allowing developers to access hundreds of API calls and templates, automatically insert generated code into any template, and search the entire repository of templates by code or keyword.

“Developers have favorite tools and methods for coding,” said Carl Sutter, CTO of CrownPeak. “Our goal is to combine best-of-breed developer tools with the flexibility and power of the CrownPeak CMS development environment.”

Upgrades to CrownPeak Analytics. CrownPeak Web Site Analytics is now built into the CrownPeak CMS as a fully integrated digital dashboard. With a new streamlined interface, CrownPeak Analytics enables customers to choose between basic functionality as part of their CMS package, or integration with other industry-leading analytics packages such as WebTrends or Omniture. New features in CrownPeak Analytics also include a “Campaigns” tool – where online marketers can designate any one page, or a referring URL to track separately for traffic, conversions and general traffic trends. Additionally, many of the reports such as the Dashboard Summary, Visitors Report, Most Performed Searches and Most Popular Links are available as RSS feeds, for seamless integration into Intranet portals or other types of reporting mechanisms.

All CrownPeak CMS features are now live and available to CrownPeak clients.

Source: CrownPeak