Experience Life Magazine Shows the Way to a Healthier Lifestyle with CrownPeak CMS

LOS ANGELES, CA. (April 02, 2008) – CrownPeak, the company defining the future of content management, today announced that Experience Life, a healthy-way-of-life magazine published by Life Time Fitness, Inc. (NYSE: LTM), is using CrownPeak’s award-winning content management solution (CMS) to centrally manage its Web site content and to post and archive articles from its print magazine (published 10 times annually). Readers will appreciate access to nearly a thousand well-researched articles on health, fitness and quality of life, while easily navigating the site through content “tagging,” as well as tools such as podcasts, forums, videos and blogs.
The cost-efficient CMS solution was deployed as a turnkey solution with customization to Experience Life’s specific needs, resulting in a smooth deployment that frees the Experience Life team from having to worry about IT issues and allows them to focus on their core business. Leveraging their experience on search and taxonomy, the CrownPeak content tagging implementation allows for a robust and user-friendly experience where readers can quickly jump to topics of interest such as “Fitness Education,” “Conscious Eating,” “Stress-Management,” and “Personal Well-being.”
“Working with CrownPeak allows our team to easily upload, format, tag and enable content, without worrying about the development or the behind-the-scenes aspect of how it works,” says Jamie Martin, senior editor and web lead for Experience Life. “The CMS and the custom templates that were created are straightforward and easily navigable, making it simple to make quick changes and updates. And our CMS developer was extremely receptive to suggestions for finding ways to make the CrownPeak system synchronize better with our product.”
In the first quarter of 2008, the Experience Life site has seen a 48% increase in the number of page views compared to the same period of time one year previously. The average time spent on Experience Life’s homepage has increased 113% year over year. The use of CrownPeak CMS also saves hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by reducing the need of Experience Life to hire in-house web development professionals.
“Experience Life was a project that exemplified the real advantages of our CMS solution,” says Jim Howard, chief executive officer of CrownPeak. “Rich content is the lifeblood of their magazine, so the ability for their team to be able to quickly and easily manage content online is obviously quite important. The results are happy readers who have intuitive, flexible access to a huge library of content and a happy staff who can spend their time working on that content rather than the CMS.”
CrownPeak CMS integrates with various third-party products such as the phpBB open source bulletin board system and the ExactTarget email management system for Experience Life’s monthly email newsletters.
For more information about Experience Life, please visit www.experiencelifemag.com.

Source: CrownPeak