Clickability Review

About Clickability

Based in San Francisco, Clickability provides on-demand (SaaS) web content management solutions for companies of all sizes and industry sectors, who create, publish, manage, and optimize web content.

What Clickability Can Do

Clickability was built from the ground up to be a true multi-tenant platform. The web content management solution combines Software as a Service with a scalable, secure and database-agnostic back-end and an agile programming methodology that enables the software to continuously evolve to meet business requirements.

Satisfied Customers

Smithsonian Business Ventures, Cantor Fitzgerald, Philadelphia Newspapers, Star Tribune Company, Bluewolf, Timesleader, Allured, BGC Partners, Sustainable Industries

Content Management Products

  • Clickability On Demand WCM Platform

Product Key Features

  • Clickability enables Websites to lower their costs and IT burdens by eliminating previous problems of complicated, on premise content management systems, limited resources, lack of innovation, and IT dependence.
  • The company provides customers with the most innovative web content management technology and the expertise to achieve individual web-optimization objectives.
  • Leveraging agile programming practices, means Clickability can use a customer focused approach to innovation by quickly responding to customer needs. Clickability continuously updates the platform with new features- as many as 400 in an 18 month period.

Clickability Content Management Technology

Clickability’s Software-as-a-Service web content management platform combines the powers of SaaS and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and takes away the burden of web site management to allow customers to focus on business development, strategy and customer relationships.

Bottom Line

The bottom-line benefit to organizations is tangible: monthly costs are predictable. Nine years’ experience empowering some of the industry’s most prolific Web content publishers have made the Clickability Platform the fastest, most flexible, most fully- featured SaaS solution there is for Web Content Management and Marketing.