Sitecore Review

About Sitecore

Founded in 2001, Sitecore continues to grow at a fast pace. The company’s software is aimed at mid to large public and private organizations, including national governemnts, educational institutions, and several Fortune 500 companies.

What Sitecore Can Do

With over 1600 satisfied customers and supporting over 20,000 websites, Sitecore customers receive an average of 109 percent return on investment within 3 years of implementing the CMS solution. Sitecore empowers companies to build, maintain, and update fully featured, complex websites that drive business growth and enhnce the customer web experience.

Satisfied Customers

Computer Associates, Dollar Rent a Car/ Thrifty, Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline, Omni Hotels, US Department of Defense, Siemens, Canadian Cancer Society, UC Berkeley, Revlon, General Mills, Fidelity Insurance, Toshiba, Mazda

Content Management Products

  • Sitecore CMS
  • Sitecore Intranet Portal
  • Sitecore Online Marketing Suite

Product Key Features

  • Fast intuitive editing
  • Extensive integration capabilities
  • Highly scalable system to meet the demands of the largest organizations
  • Multi-site deployment
  • Powerful development tools
  • Communication and online marketing tools

Sitecore Technology

Sitecore offers high performance content management software that delivers unparalleled user experiences. Built on the .NET framework, Sitecore has been a rich internet application (RIA) since before most people even heard of the term. To top it all off, Sitecore’s rich CMS is built on its very own API.

Bottom Line

Sitecore is recognized as one of the top providers of web content management and portal software. The proven CMS solutions create captivating web experiences with a robust set of features combined with a strong development architecture, which enables users to implement powerful online strategies, and to effectively manage and measure success.